Making Connections

East Bay
Bay Area

Online portal to Bay Area Jewish life: information on activities, employment, events, housing, minyans, organizations and volunteer projects. Subscribers can post profiles and receive free daily or weekly customized emails.
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J. offers a bi-weekly print edition and several e-newsletters, as well as a robust news website and growing social media presence. Local, national and international news, features and opinion pieces focusing on Bay Area Jewish life.
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Jewish High Tech Community

Connecting the Jewish high tech community and its friends together to enhance opportunities for education and giving back to the community. (this just seems really awkward, can we just take out "together"? does that make it seem better?
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San Francisco

YeaShOre Community

Sponsors bonfires spring through fall. Havdalah followed by singing, stories, eating, shmoozing at bonfires. Winter activities include indoor sea chanteys, improv shows, snow/hot springs trips.
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