East Bay

The Melaveh Project

(510) 649-5724 [email protected] jewish-funerals.org/melaveh
Project Coordinator Herb Brosbe, M.D. (707) 322-4821 [email protected]

Melaveh is Hebrew for “one who accompanies.” Organization provides comfort to Jews in their final days and hours and also support for their caregivers and loved ones. The volunteer is trained to be a supportive Jewish presence. When a Jewish person is given a terminal diagnosis, the family or caregivers can call upon the Melaveh volunteer to visit the ill person, establish a relationship and be physically present to support the individual while he or she is dying. In that way, if the family is unable to be physically present, the volunteer can still be present to support their loved one. The family may also choose to call for support only during the active process of dying.

The project is led by rabbis and other members of the East Bay Jewish community and is not sponsored by any particular congregation. The only criterion for participation is that the dying person must self-identify as being Jewish. That individual’s religious practice is not a concern. Work is given freely and no payment is expected. Currently able to serve Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville, Kensington, Albany and El Cerrito, with hopes to expand geographic reach in the future.