East Bay

Berkeley-Oakland Midrasha

1316 University Ave Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 843-4667 office@midrasha.org www.midrasha.org
Executive director Mark Deutsch mark@midrasha.org
Assistant director Desmid Lyon desmid@midrasha.org

Intercongregational high school experience meets on Sunday from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., with multiple weekend retreats and an optional midweek afternoon Torah study class. Open to grades 8-12, offering a broad range of challenging courses to students both with a strong Jewish background and to those with little former training or knowledge. Classes range from Talmud and Hebrew to Jewish film, music, meditation and studio art.

Program provides students with the skills and knowledge they will need as committed Jewish adults. Offers a larger social group for Jewish teenagers than those at individual synagogues and the opportunity to form lasting friendships. Provides a warm social environment in the classroom and at retreat weekends. In addition, the faculty provides students with positive, knowledgeable role models of successful young Jewish adults who are at home in Judaism and the secular world.

Sponsored by nine synagogues, including Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Renewal and independent congregations, and open to students from unaffiliated families as well. Although the students represent a broad range of religious observance, kashrut and Shabbat are observed. Receives financial support from sponsoring congregations, the Jewish Federation/Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay, parents and generous donors. Financial aid available.