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Hineni: Pastoral and Grief Counseling with Rabbi Jon Sommer

(415) 745-0659 [email protected]
Rabbi Jon Sommer [email protected]

Grief often does not stand in isolation, which is why the rabbi has provided compassionate pastoral grief care for over 25 years, including with the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center. A Hebrew Union College graduate trained in clinical pastoral education, he also holds an M.A. in Hebrew letters.
He established Hineni (“Here I am”): Jewish and Nature-Based Pastoral Counseling, which offers pastoral and grief support through in-person, phone and internet counseling, as well as in nature and with horses. He also offers wheelchair-accessible grief counseling sessions in nature on the San Francisco Peninsula or online from anywhere.
Without judgment of the client or the client’s grieving process, religious orientation or agenda, and with deep compassion, skill and confidentiality, the rabbi strives to provide those he serves with needed care and support, whether it is for one session, several or over months and years.
By working with a trained and experienced grief counselor who provides the ironclad confidentiality of a clergy member, clients may express emotions and ideas they sometimes cannot in other arenas of their lives. As he accompanies clients who are working through the shifting landscape of grief, and as they understand that the wide variety of emotions encountered are normal, clients may be better able to navigate through the pain and vicissitudes which a mourner can experience.