Seeking nice Jewish calendar mensches, especially doctors

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Know any single, Jewish men who are looking for romance?

Who doesn't?

Not so fast. These Hebrew hunks don't need abdominals like a Calvin Klein underwear ad or jawbones like Fabio — but they better be serious about commitment. Not the kind that involves showing up for two Saturday night dates in a row, but the serious kind. Here's a hint: It starts with an "M" and ends with a mazel tov.

If your grandson, cousin, son, co-worker, doctor, friend or neighbor is a single mensch who's active in the community, My Son the Doctor and JewishMen calendars are awaiting your nomination for pin-ups.

Recently, the creator of AlaskaMen USA magazine — a full-color publication touting the tundra state's single men — put out a call for her two newest color calendar ventures. After eight years of putting out AlaskaMen, Susie Carter says she is finally answering the requests of countless Jews who have asked her for a Jewish publication over the years.

And don't worry, for the My Son the Doctor calendar, the definition of doctor is a broad one; Ph.D.s, veterinarians, dentists and opticians are welcome. And both calendars are for charity. Jewish organizations who choose this fund-raising technique will sell the finished calendars themselves, making a profit of $7,000 on 1,000 calendars.

"It's a lot better than selling candy bars," says Carter.

Because of Carter's hectic schedule, she's hired Novato consultant Nancy Armstrong to be her main emissary in the Lower 48 — helping her search for America's best and brightest boychicks.

"I think women are really gonna love this. It's something really fun," says Armstrong.

Carter was in Hollywood not long ago, talking to the Disney people about a movie based on her work with single Alaskan men. She calls it "`Sleepless in Seattle' with Dogsleds." Since starting the magazine, Carter has become a popular media figure, hitting the talk-show circuit with her ever-changing stable of singles.

The two of them will be accepting nominations through Armstrong's Novato office. Suggestions for both calendars can be phoned or faxed in, and will be followed up with interviews of the men, who will be asked to send in a photo and fill out a written application.

While Carter's Alaskan magazine has run special Jewish men sections, she says she has always dreamed of an entirely Jewish project.

"Both my great-grandmothers were Jewish and I've always felt very close to the Jewish community. That's probably where I get the matchmaking part from," says Carter, who was raised Mormon.

Wherever she got it, Carter certainly has the touch. These days, AlaskaMen is responsible for three to 12 weddings a month, according to Carter. So while some may say the full-color mag is a cheesy way to find a life-mate, there's no arguing with success.

Carter got the idea for the magazine while running a day-care center in Anchorage. When she noticed many of the parents were single fathers, her inner-yenta was awakened. She began to publish their photos and stories from her kitchen table, where she continues to work to this day.

Only now, the concept is spreading its cute cupid-bow wings and landing in the Jewish community.

Armstrong and Carter say the selection process will be the same for single Jews as it is for Alaskans. Good hearts first, tight tushies second.

"Our calendars are about nice guys, good guys, husband material. What you look like is a gift from God, what you act like is a gift back," says Carter.

"A guy might not be physically gorgeous, but he's a heck of a nice guy. We could always just stuff some guy and stand him in the corner if we wanted someone to just look good."

Armstrong will be Carter's right arm, reaching out from the Bay Area to pluck precious punims from Jewish communities across the county. She says she's hoping for a healthy crop of California nominees.

What matters to Armstrong most? The interview. "You can tell a lot by just talking to them," she says.

The chosen men will also be auctioned off for date packages in their area to help raise money for their particular organization. If all goes well, Carter — who has a contract with Warner Distribution — will also be distributing videos of My Son the Doctor and JewishMen poster guys so single women or would-be matchmakers can get a better sense of the pickin's.

Meanwhile, the publishers say they need your help to find the type of guys who'd be as comfortable administering an MRI as some TLC.

If you don't know any docs, that's OK. You can still be of help for the second calendar. Just take a glance around, look for Jewish men who are single, and more like "Bridges of Madison County" than "Bridge Over the River Kwai." Phone and fax nominations to your heart's content.

If your nominee becomes Mr. April, shake your inner-yenta's hand and buy her a box of chocolates. She deserves it.