Letters to the Editor

Submission Guidelines

    • Letters are published at J.’s discretion.
    • Letters may not exceed 300 words.
    • J. reserves the right to edit for clarity, length and factual accuracy.
    • Letters that reference a story reported in J., either print or online, are prioritized. Letters may also reference current events of Jewish interest that have not been reported by J.
    • Letters are a place for civil and respectful discourse.
    • Letters that include personal attacks on J. writers or community members, including mocking language, are subject to rejection.
    • Any message deemed to be overtly or covertly racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, antisemitic, etc., or that uses inflammatory language is subject to rejection.
    • Letters must include the writer’s full name and city of residence to be considered, as well as a phone number and email for verification purposes. 

Letters can be submitted online using the form below; or emailed to [email protected]. Thank you for your submission!