In first person…World according to Minnie: Guilt is a fact

Minnie Meiselman was born Nov. 15, 1905 in Galicia, Poland, and passed on March 3, 1996. In 1912, her father went to America. During World War I, they were separated and the family fled Poland to live in Czechoslovakia as refugees. Minnie, her mother and five siblings had one bed and ate their main meal of soup, all dipping their bread in the one bowl.

In 1920, they left for New York to meet with their father after eight years. Minnie married and raised three children in the Bronx. She later lived in Israel for 15 years in the first settlement of Samaria, Ofra. She lived with the following philosophy:

*Better to have loved a baby than to go to work as a woman.

*Better to have sung a lidl(happy Jewish song) than the Polish or Austrian national anthem.

*Better to make hamantaschen poorly than not to make hamantaschen at all.

*Shabbos started on Tuesday.

*Better to eat candy in shul while sitting near your bubbe, because it's the most secure feeling in the world.

*Guilt is a fact, so grow up!

*There is a time and place for everything, everything is beshert (meant to be) and "a mensch tracht und Gott lacht" (a man worries and God laughs).

*A family should always stick together through "tick and tin."