In first person… Nearing 80,enjoying our honeymoon

It happened on our first Friday and the second day of our new "live-in" relationship. Because previously Isadore had told me of his joy in watching people in Jerusalem preparing for and celebrating the Sabbath, I decided to light Shabbos candles (a first for me!) and to serve the traditional chicken dinner. Thinking to surprise me, he came home from the office carrying flowers and a challah (a first for him). This was an evening filled with love, hope and wonderment.

Fourteen months after a warm loving relationship, we decided to make it legal. Our only omission was in not visiting the mikveh.

It was a lovely traditional wedding with our six children under the chuppah and our two longstanding rabbi friends participating. The wedding ceremony ended with a cheer when the groom broke the glass.

At the reception, we danced the hora and then danced to the nostalgic music of the '30s and '40s. What a joyous occasion for the two of us and our 60 guests!

We have now been married four months and we are still honeymooning, although we are nearing 80. It was a relationship bashert (meant to be).