In first person… Only in America: Grandma gets citizenship at age 92

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I started to file the applications with a black ink pen and when I was ready to file my grandmother's papers I ran out of ink. I found a red ink pen and I filed my grandmother's application. Proudly we mailed the whole package to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

The entire family was sworn in as U.S. citizens, except my grandmother, whose application wasn't accepted because it was written in red ink, which was against the rules.

Busy with day-to-day activities, we neglected to re-file for Maria Zissu, my grandmother.

Presently, she is 92 and is a resident of the Jewish Home for Aged in San Francisco.

On Sept. 10 at the Jewish Home, a very emotional ceremonial took place.

Maria Zissu, together with a large number of other emigrants, was sworn into U.S. citizenship at age 92.

This can happen only in America!

Rose Border lives in San Mateo.