Grant will help seniors get kosher meals on Shabbat

The grant helps solve the problem of how to get food to clients on Shabbat when Jewish law prohibits the JCC from using its kitchen. Many observant elderly, themselves prohibited from cooking on the Sabbath, go without a nutritious meal on Saturday.

"This generous grant from Philip Morris gives us the means to become a seven-day a week operation," said Kathleen Da Silva, KNP director, "and that means we'll be able to make sure more San Francisco seniors are eating well throughout the entire week."

KNP is under contract with the San Francisco Commission on the Aging's senior nutrition program. It is the only federally-subsidized program in San Francisco preparing and serving kosher meals.

Philip Morris Companies Inc., through its "Senior Helpings" partnership with the National Meals on Wheels Foundation, has invested more than $2 million nationwide in programs that provide food to the elderly. For information about the Kosher Nutrition Program, call (415) 292-1268.