Parents get tips on sex, lies and political scandal

It used to be the Birds 'n' Bees. Now it's media broadcasts of the president's private life that sets parents hemming and hawing.

Those who feel squirmy on the sordid subject might do best to turn off the news.

But for moms and dads who decide to tackle it head-on, there is Jewish guidance available in a new anthology, "Beyond Scandal: The Parents' Guide to Sex, Lies & Leadership."

The book contains essays by parents, health pros, spiritual leaders and educators about moral issues raised by the scandal.

The essays include:

*"Talking to Your Teenager About Leadership" by Martin Linsky, a Harvard government professor.

*"When Role Models Fail" by Helen Mintz Belitsky, a writer for Jewish publications.

*"Running From Morality" by Yossi Abramowitz, editor of the anthology as well as a Jewish family Web site.

*"When Your Kids Lie" by Ilene Springer, a health writer for several family magazines.

*"How to Talk to Your Kids About Lying" by Ann Moline, a journalist.

*"How to Talk to Your Kids about Gossip" by Belitsky.

*"`Dirty' Jokes and Other Bad Language" by Moshe Waldoks, a self-described post-denominational rabbi.

*"Talking to Your Kids about Sex" by Rahel Musleah, a journalist and family self-help author.

*"Cherishing Our Daughters and Protecting Them from Sexual Harassment" by Evelyn Bassoff, a psychologist and family self-help author.

*"How to Raise Moral Children" by Belitsky.

* "Sin and Repentance" by Moline.

* "Male Role Models" by Belitsky.

*"Sex, the Spirit and the Dangers of Abuse" by Rabbi Arthur Waskow, a Jewish Renewal leader and author.

Lori Eppstein

Lori Eppstein is a former staff writer.