Mount Herzl burial sought for Bronfman

"We will discuss the general issue of criterion for burials in that section of the cemetery, and not Edgar Bronfman specifically," said Amar, noting that all the people buried there were unquestionably "Israeli or [pre-state] Zionist leaders."

If the steering committee believes the issue merits debate, it will set up a three-member committee to investigate it further, Amar said.

"Bronfman has contributed to the Jewish people, but he is not the head of the World Zionist Organization or another Israeli organization," Amar said. "He's not even Israeli."

Bronfman, who is on a three-week trip to China, was not available for comment. But a close associate said he doubts Bronfman is the source of the inquiry. "I think someone probably did this on Edgar's behalf. I have known Edgar a long time and he never asks for things," the associate said. "Not for something like this."