Violent neo-Nazi group emerging from prisons

California's prisons have spawned the explosive growth of a violent hate group, nurtured by an infusion of hate literature from World Church of the Creator, a new report by the ADL reveals.

"The Nazi Low Riders: From the Prisons to the Streets," a 10-page investigative report, was released by the Anti-Defamation League yesterday.

Hate groups routinely get their literature into the state's prisons, passed as "religious material," according to Jessica Ravitz, associate director of the ADL Central Pacific region.

"They want these people to become their foot soldiers when they get out," she said.

With virtually all members of the Aryan Brotherhood in lockdown, the Nazi Low Riders has formed to take its place. Members in and out of prison now number around 1,500, Ravitz said, with groups active in Sacramento, Placer, Reno and the Central Valley.

The members, often carry weapons, according to the report, and have a reputation for being "ruthlessly violent."

According to the report, "White power groups such as World Church of the Creator…seek to exploit NLR members' disillusionment and frustration…manipulatively [feeding] on NLR members' appetite for hatred of other races by bombarding them with literature that describes the 'white racial struggle.'"

Rebecca Rosen Lum

Rebecca Rosen Lum is a freelance writer.