We need a president for all of us

Is it good for the Jews?

That's a question we find ourselves asking a lot at the Jewish Bulletin, at Jewish conferences and in Jewish life.

It's also a question that plagues us in election years, especially presidential election years.

In this week's editorial, we thought we could address the election results and whether the results would be good for the Jews. But in truth, even if we had a clear victor, that question would be hard to answer.

Just what is good for the Jews? And how can a president be good for the rest of America and not good for the Jews? Now there's a question we don't hear asked very much.

But the answer is simple. What is good for America is generally good for the Jews. We all benefit, Jews and non-Jews alike, if the American economy is good, if our country is secure and if our government is helping those in need. It also wouldn't hurt if the new administration would remain supportive of the only real democracy in the Middle East: Israel.

Sure, there may be some issues, like support for Israel, that are of particular concern to our people, but over all, we need a president who will do what's right for all Americans.

In this election, it seems the people have spoken. What they have said is they don't really know who is best suited for the job. As a result, we have had one of the tightest races in history.

So we will have to wait. It will take months to determine if the new president can mend the wounds that will inevitably result from such a close election. If he is to govern successfully, the new president must bring the entire electorate together.

Our concern is much greater than what's best for the Jews. Hopefully, whoever wins the electoral vote next month will govern fairly and intelligently, and do what is best for all Americans.