Jewish groups offer chance to fund-raise and volunteer

In addition, these organizations also can use the help of hands-on volunteers of all ages.

The JCF's Super Sunday, an all-day phonathon, drew 1,000 volunteers this year. Among those helping out for the first time was Leah Edleson of Santa Rosa. She wrote responses to those who had been phoned.

"It was a good experience. I met some new people. and everybody was friendly. They seemed to be having a nice time besides doing something worthwhile," she said.

The pages of Resource: A Guide to Jewish Life in the Bay Area are filled with organizations that can utilize the help of seniors and others.

The annual guide, published by the Jewish Bulletin, is edited under the auspices of Jewish Community Information and Referral.

Resource lists the federations, counseling and support services, other groups that aid the elderly and needy, and philanthropies that serve hospitals, universities and other institutions in Israel, at home and abroad.

You can get a copy through JCIR or read it on the Web at JCIR at (415) 777-4545 or e-mail at [email protected].