JVS will honor four with its Strictly Business Awards

Lee underwent surgery six years ago to remove a brain tumor. It left him with a cognitive disability. He enrolled in St. Mary's McAuley's Adolescent Day Treatment Program. He also participated in a paid work experience program offered through JVS for youth with disabilities in collaboration with the Mayor's Youth Employment and Education Program. Last summer he was hired as the program assistant for REACH, JVS' summer youth computer skills training program. Lee has graduated from Lincoln High School and is now enrolled as a freshman at City College of San Francisco where he is studying library science.

After being laid-off from her job of several years, Werner was referred by the Department of Human Services to JVS' BEST Program, which provides participants with the skills to become job developers, employment specialists or human resources professionals. She was hired almost immediately as a job developer for Episcopal Community Services-the Rose.

Tiburon Inc., was chosen from 18 Bay Area businesses by a selection committee made up of business and community leaders. The committee based its decision on the company's role in assisting people with barriers to employment, its outstanding membership in the business community and its potential for building a strong relationship with JVS. In existence since 1996, Tiburon, Inc. has hired seven former JVS clients as engineers in the programming field.

Thursday's fund-raiser is expected to raise more than $275,000 to help JVS continue to offer job placement, career counseling and advancement, technology training and skills training to those with barriers to employment.

JVS' programs and services assist emigres, primarily from the former Soviet Union, as well as youth with disabilities, welfare-to-work clients and those in search of a new career.

More information is available by calling (415) 782-6238, or online at www.jvs.org.