Companion books can enhance Internet search on health issues

For additional health sources on the Internet, a companion book can narrow (or widen) your search. The bevy of Internet reference books available can guide you through nearly any health topic. Check your local bookstore for titles, or go online to your favorite bookseller's site and search for "online health" or a similar query.

Choose a reference book that has health information arranged in a way that makes sense to you.

*"The Doctor's Always In: A Guide to 1,100+ Best Health & Medical Information Sites on the Internet" by Jay S. Schneider and Theodore Lidsky (Neuroinformatics Inc).

A guide aimed at consumers and organized into chapters according to body system and disease category. Each Web site has contact information listed.

* "Health Care Resources on the Internet: A Guide for Librarians and Health Care Consumers" edited by M. Sandra Wood (Haworth Press).

Useful explanations on how to search for medical information such as common diseases, less common diseases, rare and emerging diseases. Chapters address how to manage sources, statistical information, electronic journals and more.

* "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Health and Fitness" by Joan Price and Shannon Entin (Que).

These two fitness professionals offer the best Web sites to help you attain your fitness and weight-loss goals. The book features tips on searching and how to recognize Web scams or sites with downright false information, as well as criteria for how to choose an e-pharmacy.