Who is a true hero You can be one to others as well as to yourself

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Humankind has always felt the need for someone to revere above others, whether it happened to be the leader of a tribe, a gallant warrior, a shaman, a priest or a rabbi. Somehow we forget about all the lesser-known people who helped to make that person what he or she came to be.

It seems to me that the real heroes and heroines are those who have labored day after day at sometimes monotonous jobs, struggling to make ends meet, yet open their hearts and share what little they have, even if it's just an expression of love and warmth. Those who have had a kind word of support when all seemed bleak have lifted the spirits of how many desperate ones?

Don't discount yourself. Love yourself — at least the Greater Self that you are. Let it bless and be a hero to all. Whether you're known or unknown. You are the living hero.