In first person: Painting and writing images of seders past youth

This painting was my composite memory of many such meals in Bubbe's dining room. I remember how affectionate my great-grandparents were, sitting at the head of the table. The crowd of aunts and uncles conversed loudly across the broad white linen, piled with platters of steaming food, brought out by Bubbe and her daughters.

The dining room had been built on to the kitchen, by Zayde and my uncles, for just such occasions, when Sarnotsky and Caller families would gather in Brooklyn. The group photo was taken in 1930, dated by my own 5-year-old image in front, third from the left.

Recently, I have been painting and writing (36 canvases and 120 pages) of memories from childhood and youth, as well as more recent events. My motivation is mixed: to leave an interesting record of the family for my children, but mostly to exercise my own memory before it dims.