Celebrity Jews

Name game

Remember way back in June when Hollywood power couple Courteney Cox and David Arquette gave birth to a bouncing baby girl named … Coco. Well, it appears the proud parents actually have a good reason for such a seemingly silly name. According to published news reports, they did it in deference to David’s Judaism. “Courteney comes from the South and her mother’s name’s Courteney Cox and she’s Courteney Cox and she wanted to name our kid Courteney Cox, but I’m half Jewish,” says Arquette. “My mother was Jewish, so it’s sort of against the Jewish tradition to [name a child] after somebody who’s living.” So, as a compromise, they took the rashei teyvot [Hebrew for first letters] Courteney Cox to come up with Coco. Wow — wonder if Madonna is paying attention.

High times

Taking a break from shopping, actress Winona Ryder will re-team with her “Heathers” director for an off-beat comedy. In the film, “Mary Warner,” director Michael Lehmann told Entertainment Weekly that Ryder “accidentally ingests her roommate’s pot brownies, and it turns a day in which she has to take charge of five or six simple tasks into a journey across L.A. that leads her deeper and deeper into comic weirdness. By the end, she’s riding the Ferris wheel at the beach having an imaginary conversation with the narrator of ‘Babe.'”

And speaking of accidentally getting high, we’re hearing rumblings about another similar-themed movie entitled “When Do We Eat?” about a family’s Passover seder that gets screwy after the patriarch unknowingly ingests a hit of Ecstasy.

Pure gold

“Golda’s Balcony” star Tovah Feldshuh has reprised her role as Golda Meir more than 400 times, which gives her something to flaunt about — she has broken Lily Tomlin’s Broadway record for a one-woman show. “I love you, Lily Tomlin,” Feldshuh said. “Thank you for setting the bar so high. But you’re outta here!”

Dog eat dog

Gary David Goldberg, the creator of both “Spin City” and “Family Ties,” is at work on a romantic comedy about the absurd world of online dating. The film, called “Must Love Dogs,” is set to star John Cusack, Stockard Channing, Christopher Plummer, Dermot Mulroney, Diane Lane and Kyra Sedgwick. Fans of Goldberg will note that a canine title is nothing new for the Hollywood heavyweight. His company, as you’ll recall from the end of every episode of “Family Ties,” is called UBU Productions. And it’s slogan? “Sit, Ubu, sit,” followed by “Good dog!’

Seeing Green

Seth Green is currently at work on a 20-episode as yet untitled stop-motion animation variety show for the Cartoon Network that will offer sketches lampooning pop culture. “It’s like ‘Saturday Night Live’ crossed with ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,'” says Green. Um … we can hardly wait.

Columnist Benyamin Cohen is the editor of Jewsweek magazine (www.jewsweek.com).