Cops seek witnesses in pizzeria beating

Without the public’s assistance, a handful of allegedly anti-Semitic attackers will escape justice, according to San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Paul Henderson.

San Francisco city officials and the Anti-Defamation League held a press conference at police headquarters last week to encourage potential witnesses of October’s pizzeria beating to come forward, dangling a $5,000 ADL-sponsored reward.

Josh Feinerman and Cameron Matthews, both 23-year-old San Franciscans, were beaten unconscious by a group of four to five attackers in the early hours of Oct. 15.

Witnesses and both victims claim the attackers triggered the brawl by making loud, anti-Semitic statements after walking into a Pizza Pino restaurant in San Francisco’s Marina District. Andrew Crawford, 24, was arrested on the scene while reportedly kicking a prone Feinerman. An unknown number of other attackers fled.

At the Thursday, Jan. 5 press conference on the steps of 850 Bryant St., Henderson said Crawford had been additionally charged that day with attacking Matthews as well as Feinerman. The Marin native, currently out on bail, is accused of four felony counts of assault, two misdemeanors and two hate crime enhancements.

Henderson told j. that he will proceed with the case against Crawford regardless of whether or not additional witnesses materialize.

Inspector Julian Hill said he is looking for three to four other attackers, and needs witnesses to come forward.

“I know there are numerous witnesses out there,” he said. “There are bars and fast-food restaurants in the area. Numerous people may have seen or heard” the attack.

He also encouraged the perpetrators to turn themselves in.

Those with information can call (415) 553-1141.

Joe Eskenazi

Joe Eskenazi is the managing editor at Mission Local. He is a former editor-at-large at San Francisco magazine, former columnist at SF Weekly and a former J. staff writer.