Scholarship fund will help children attend preschool

The Jewish Community Endowment Fund established a permanent, communitywide scholarship fund to help children from low-income families, with a particular focus on single-parent families, attend accredited Jewish preschools.

As the cost of preschool education rises — full-day tuition at a JCC preschool currently costs up to $12,000 annually — a Jewish preschool education is beyond the reach of many families, especially those headed by single parents.

Yet participation in Jewish preschool programs has proven to be the single strongest indicator of the likelihood of further Jewish education.

The JCEF’s $125,000 grant is part of a $250,000 permanent endowment challenge to be matched by $250,000 from other funders. Contributing to the challenge are the Ken and Hilda Royce Philanthropic Fund ($50,000), and the Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation, the Albert and Janet Schultz Supporting Foundation of the JCEF, the Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropies Foundation and an anonymous JCEF supporting foundation who have each committed $25,000.

For further information, contact Judy Bloom, director of Imprint Giving, at (415) 512-6263 or [email protected].