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Wanted: tall, ‘green’ Jewish blonde

Josh Bernstein, 36, the host of the History Channel archaeology series “Digging for the Truth,” was recently profiled in a fun article in the New York Times. Bernstein was appearing at the Explorers Club in Manhattan and the “Jewish Indiana Jones” attracted the most women ever seen at a club event. Apparently a lot of women wanted to see, in person, whether — as one said — “Could he be that good-looking and that smart and charming?”

Well, Josh didn’t disappoint in person. His “assets” have made his show the highest-rated program on the History Channel and now the Discovery Channel, which has a bigger audience, has lured him away. He’s just begun filming a similar show for Discovery that will start airing in January.

Josh says he wants to settle down, but that he’s attracted to tall blondes and that “it is not easy to find a tall blonde Jewish girl who is interested in the environment.” (Somehow I think that Josh has been flooded with referrals since the Times article.)

Spidey returns

The blockbuster “Spider-Man 3” opens Friday, May 4. As for its plot — suffice it to say that Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) faces new “super bad” guys and more bumps in his ongoing romance with M.J. Watson (Kirsten Dunst). What you really want to know is Spidey 3’s web of Jewish connections — so here goes:

Maguire’s real-life fiancée and the mother of his new daughter is Jennifer Meyer, whose father, Ron Meyer, is head of Universal Studios — and a strong Israel supporter.

The Spider-Man character was co-created by Marvel Comics founding father Stan Lee and all the Spider-Man movies have been directed by Sam Raimi, a practicing Jew and another strong supporter of Israel. Sam has five kids with his wife Gillian Greene, the daughter of the late Lorne Greene (“Bonanza”). Sam’s brother Ivan Raimi co-wrote the screenplay and his brother Ted Raimi, an actor, has a smallish part in the movie. Meanwhile, the pretty Jewish actress Elizabeth Banks reprises her role as Betty Brant, but it’s little more than a cameo. Also appearing in a small part as Ursula is Mageina Tovah, 26, a cute Jewish actress who was raised in a religious home in Nashville, Tenn.

The handsome James Franco, whose mother is Jewish, again co-stars as Harry Osborn, Spider-Man’s sometime friend and sometime foe. Sadly, Franco’s starring roles outside Spider-Man have been in box-office duds. However, the Palo Alto native is now filming a comedy (“The Pineapple Express”) that sounds promising. It’s directed by Franco’s old friend, Judd Apatow (“The 40-Year-Old Virgin”).

Messing’s around again

This month Debra Messing, 38, ends the low profile she has kept since her TV series “Will and Grace” ended its eight-year run in 2006. Messing has a large supporting role in the film “Lucky You,” which opens Friday, May 4. Eric Bana (“Munich”) plays a talented card player who goes to Las Vegas for the World Championship of Poker. He overcomes his personal problems with the help of a waitress (Drew Barrymore) and heads for a poker showdown with his estranged father (Robert Duvall).

Messing is also the star of the USA cable six-hour miniseries “The Starter Wife,” which begins May 31. She plays a woman who tries to forge a new life after her marriage to a Hollywood studio head ends. The series is directed by Jon Avnet (“Fried Green Tomatoes”). (See www.usanetwork.com/series/starterwife.)

Nate Bloom

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