Homes board is a family affair

It is a longstanding and honorable tradition in the Jewish community to take care of those who are not able to take care of themselves. The Jewish Home for the Aged in San Francisco has turned that tradition into a family affair.

Mark Myers became the Home’s board chairman in October 2007, making him and his dad, Larry, the third father-son duo to serve in that position (Dr. Jim Davis and David Friedman, and their respective fathers, have previously held the volunteer position).

So what’s happening at the 137-year-old senior facility that makes these sons want to walk so proudly in their father’s footsteps?

“It is not nepotism, but a family tradition of service to the Jewish community,” said Jewish Home CEO Daniel Ruth, noting that he and the board chair work together on strategic and financial planning.

“[The board chairman and I] help ensure that we do continue to provide the best possible care,” Ruth said.

But Myers, who is a businessman by day, said being chair is a point of pride as much as anything else.

“[I have] been involved with the Jewish Home for the Aged for a long time, and like my father, I consider it an honor to serve and to be chosen board chairman,” said Myers, who will remain in office until October 2009.

Davis followed in his father’s footsteps, not only by serving as board chairman, but also by going into medicine. He noted that a medical background is not necessary for the job, but what is necessary is a concern for the frail and elderly of the community and a desire to serve.

“One of my greatest thrills as board chairman was actually walking around the wards and meeting people who still had fond memories of my father,” Davis said.