Transgender prof teaching at Yeshiva

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After a two-year absence, a male professor returned to Yeshiva University as a woman, according to the New York Post.

Literature professor Joy Ladin, 47, formerly known as Jay Ladin, will oversee the writing center at the university.

After receiving tenure in 2006, Ladin told Yeshiva administrators that she was in the process of becoming a woman. Ladin was placed on indefinite leave.

The Post anonymously quoted a faculty member who said that there was legal pressure to allow Ladin to return to her post. The decision has raised the hackles of several Yeshiva professors.

“[Lapin is] a person who represents a kind of amorality which runs counter to everything Yeshiva University stands for. There is just no leeway in Jewish law for a transsexual,” said Rabbi Moshe Tendler, a professor of biology and medical ethics.