Twas the night before Chanukah

‘Twas the night before Chanukah,

Oy! What a shock!

Somebody outside

Was picking our lock!

And there at the door

Stood a zayde in blue,

And he wore on his kopp

A blue yarmulke, too!

His punim was shain —

Everybody would love it!

‘Round his neck hung a chain

With a gold Mogen Dovid!

He said: “I’m no burglar,

So please don’t be nervous.

I’m the spirit of Chanukah,

Here at our service!

“I visit all yidlach,

And bring — kinnahorra —

Good fortune as bright

As a glowing menorah!

“If you know nice menchen,

I’ll visit them quick,

And I’ll bring them gezunt

And a houseful of glick!”

So we sent him to your house,

And shook hands and parted.

He shouted, “Shalom!”

Out the doorway he darted!

He ran to a wagon

With horses ahead.

He fed them some bagels,

And here’s what he said:

“Let’s go, Moish and Mendel!

Make quick, Moe and Yussle!

Please give a rush, Malkah!

Hey, Hymie, please hustle!”

Then they raced like the wind!

And they galloped so shnell,

All his clothing blew off,

And his gatkes as well!

So, don’t act embarrassed,

And please don’t be rude

When that frostbitten zayde

Arrives in the nude!

Quick! Feed him some chichen soup

Heiss as can be!

And give him some shnapps

And a glez’l hot tea!

‘Cause he brings you a houseful

Of chanukah wishes

As warm and geshmock

As plate of hot knishes!

And all through the future

Your hopes will come true,

And Himmel will bless

Your mishpocha and you.