From the sidelines: What are you most looking forward to at the Games or ArtsFest

About 30 athletes and artists, with their families in tow, gathered for A Night at the Museum, an evening of shmoozing and sweets held in June at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Following a performance by the Maccabi Games dance troupe, j. spoke with several participants and asked what they were most excited about.

Vanessa Gershbein, 12, volleyball

“Meeting different people outside of my community and learning about different sects of Judaism.” 





Spencer Dix, 13, football

“Playing in the games, going to parties, meeting new kids and getting to know everybody.”





Nick Fowler, 13, ArtsFest participant

“Hanging out with new people and playing my electric bass.”







Leila Brandt, 12, swimming

“Making friends and having a good time.”






Sabrina Perell, 13, dance

“All the opportunities that come with the Maccabi Games. I have my first solo for dance, and I’ve been waiting a long time.”






Jordan Solomon, 12, baseball

“Meeting new kids my age who play the same sport.”







Mikela Waldman, 13, track and field

“I’m excited for athletes from out of San Francisco to come because I want to meet more Jewish kids.”





photos   |   amanda pazornik