Report: Madonna wants to visit Auschwitz with her kids

Madonna wants to visit the Auschwitz Nazi death camp with her children following her upcoming concert in Poland, the British Daily Mirror reported Monday.

According to the Mirror, the decision to take the “life changing” trip came following discussions with the pop diva’s close friend, Rabbi Michael Berg of the Kaballah Center.


“It won’t be an easy trip but it is an ultimate life affirming experience, and one Madonna – because of her strong Kaballah beliefs – does not want to ignore,” a source close to the singer told the British daily. “She wants her children to appreciate how lucky they are and to learn about mistakes made in the past.”

According to the report, Madonna is also planning to take the children to see the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

A source said: “The Wailing Wall is a very sacred place for anyone with links to the Jewish faith and she wants the children to see it.”

The trip will reportedly happen in September to coincide with Madonna’s final date of her tour in Tel Aviv. —