Short takes

Short takes

A man with a malfunctioning watch walks into a repair shop, but the shop owner informs the man that he is a mohel. He asks the owner why there is a clock in the window. The mohel answers, “What would you put in the window?”

Mrs. Stahl is shopping for chickens at the market in Minsk. She carefully inspects each and every chicken, running her finger over the feathers, and smelling all of the joints. She says to the butcher, “None of these chickens are any good.”

The butcher responds, “Look, lady, could you pass a test like that?”

Leah, an old yenta, is at synagogue, davening rather intensely. She rocks back and forth so hard that she falls backward and blows out her back.

A member of the congregation asks her, “For what on earth could you possibly be davening that hard?”

She replies, “A Jewish doctor.”