Former Ohio congressman defends Demjanjuk

James Traficant, a former Ohio congressman, says he would travel to Germany to testify on John Demjanjuk’s behalf.

Demjanjuk, 89, a guard at the Ukrainian death camp Sobibor, was deported earlier this year to Germany to face murder charges. His trial is scheduled to begin in Munich on Nov. 30.

“I will also address the issue of John Demjanjuk, who is not being just prosecuted — Demjanjuk and his family are being persecuted, and no one in Washington will help,” Traficant wrote this week in a column he is launching in American Free Press, a publication that provides online links to Holocaust deniers.

Traficant, who served seven years in prison on corruption charges, advocated on behalf of Demjanjuk when the retired autoworker was jailed in Israel from 1986 to 1993 on charges that he was “Ivan the Terrible,” a mass murderer at Treblinka. — jta