Joe Eskenazi and Alexia Aubault

Former longtime j. staff writer Joe Eskenazi and Alexia Aubault are thrilled to announce their pending wedding on May 1 in Vallejo. Eskenazi, a Bay Area native, is the son of Alan and Loretta Eskenazi. They subscribe to this publication. Hello! Aubault, born in Rennes, the capital of Brittany, is the daughter of Jean and Chantal Aubault.

The two met in January 2005 at a surprise birthday party in Oakland. Joe surreptitiously moved his place-setting to sit next to Alexia. He also talked real fast, as he knew his suaver, better-looking buddy was due to arrive later that night. Fortunately, things went well.

Aubault is a naval architect for Marine Innovation and Technology in Berkeley. Eskenazi is the online news editor at SF Weekly. They plan to combine their skills and design and build a boat that can be sailed to a realm where print journalism is still viable.