List of gluten-free options is growing

Gluten-free matzah? Whether you suffer from celiac disease or food allergies, or just want to try something different this year, there are plenty of products to choose from.

Both Israel-based Yehuda and U.S.-based Manischewitz offer gluten-free matzah, and count among a growing number of food producers offering gluten-free, kosher-for-Passover foods.

Manischewitz’s line-up of new “Health and Wellness” foods includes gluten-free Passover cake mixes and  gluten-free pasta, made in Israel.

Yehuda has a new toasted-onion, gluten-free matzah and cake meal. And its regular gluten-free matzah won a shout-out in Huffington Post’s recent survey of top-tasting matzahs.

There’s also the “Gluten Free Passover Cookbook,” by Anne Luder, published by, a website created in 2009 by Jessica Katz of Los Angeles.

Katz has celiac disease, which makes her unable to digest wheat and gluten. She launched the website to offer celiacs tasty alternatives to traditional wheat-based foods.

Gluten-free matzah is available at several Bay Area stores, including Gluten-Free Grocery, located at 600 Illinois St., San Francisco. The grocery features a number of Passover foods and a total of nearly 180 kosher products, year-round.