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Pro football roundup

Antonio Garay

Following is a list of current Jewish players in the NFL prepared with the aid of Jewish Sports Review magazine.

First, let me say this: Many Jewish fans think there’s some cluster of “unknown” Jewish pros. Their modus operandi is to respond to this list with “what about?” and then rattle off the names of players with “Jewish-sounding names,” such as Indianapolis Colts quarterback and former Stanford star Andrew Luck (who isn’t Jewish).

Please realize that by the time players reach the NFL, Jewish Sports Review has run down virtually every Jewish player. About once every three years, one “unknown” is uncovered.

Here’s the 2012 list:

Gabe Carimi, 24, offensive tackle, Chicago Bears; Antonio Garay, 32, nose tackle, San Diego Chargers; Erik Lorig, 26, fullback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Taylor Mays, 24, safety, Cincinnati Bengals; Adam Podlesh, 29, punter, Bears; Geoff Schwartz, 26, offensive tackle, Minnesota Vikings; and Geoff’s brother, rookie Mitchell Schwartz, 23, offensive tackle, Cleveland Browns.

Players released recently or before this season include: Greg Camarillo, 30, wide receiver, New Orleans Saints; Kyle Kosier, guard, Dallas Cowboys; S.F.-raised Igor Olshansky, defensive end, Miami Dolphins; and Sage Rosenfels, quarterback, Vikings.


Drew Barrymore update

Drew Barrymore

In June, I reported on the Jewish wedding of actress Drew Barrymore, 36, and art consultant Will Kopelman, 33. Just before the wedding, Barrymore’s press agent denied tabloid reports that she was going to convert to Judaism. On Sept. 23, the Sunday Telegraph of Australia published what seems to be a legit recent interview with Barrymore.

It notes: “Kopelman’s father is the former CEO of Chanel and he was brought up in a traditional Jewish family. Barrymore is in the process of converting.” Barrymore is then quoted as saying: “The religion as a faith is so beautiful and it’s so much about family being together, first and foremost. I subscribe to that so much in my own life, so that’s a really wonderful and easy transition.”




Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie” (opening Friday, Oct. 5) is an animated high-tech homage to classic horror films. Winona Ryder, 40, who grew up in Petaluma, is the voice of a kind neighbor (Victor Frankenstein’s classmate and love interest) and Martin Landau, 84, voices Victor’s wise but eccentric science teacher.


Rosh Hashanah tweets

Here are some celebrity Rosh Hashanah tweets I found:

Gold medalist Aly Raisman, 18 (“Happy Jewish New Year to all”); “Entourage” actress Emmanuelle Chriqui, 34 (“Shana tova to all who celebrate the Jewish new year..wishing you only sweet things this year and always..have a beautiful holiday”); Singer Lisa Loeb, 44 (“L’Shana Tova! Have a sweet new year. Time for apples and honey.”); Larry King, 78 (“From my Jewish heart to all of you — a very happy Jewish new year may we be blessed with good times & peace”); Joan Rivers, 79 (“May this year bring peace, prosperity, and health for ALL.”); Actress Kat Dennings, 26, the co-star of TV’s “2 Broke Girls.” (“Let your Jewishness flag fly on these holy days, y’all”).

Dennings’ tweet was retweeted by rap star Drake, 25, whose 2012 Rosh Hashanah dinner celebration is featured on MTV.com. Dennings, meanwhile, showed more than her Jewish flag at the Emmy Awards. Her “va-va-voom” cleavage-revealing dress got a lot of media attention.

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