Middle East riots, protests erupt against Israel ground Op

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Riots broke out at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on July 18 at the end of morning prayers, and 12 protesters were arrested. Masked youth threw rocks at police on the site and were met with crowd control measures.

Another Palestinian teen was arrested in East Jerusalem where dozens of teens threw stones and burned tires. Police arrived at the scene and dispersed the crowd.

These incidents were just two of dozens of protests and violent riots to spring up in the region against Israeli actions in Gaza.

Protests also broke out in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Ramallah in the West Bank in support of the Palestinian people and in opposition to Israel’s ground operation in Gaza.

In Jordan, protesters in the cities of Al Karak and Irbid demanded that the border crossings between Egypt and Gaza be opened for the evacuation of the wounded and transport of aid materials.

In Egypt, several protests were organized in Cairo, Giza and Suez by the supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. They condemned Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and blamed the Arab regimes for incompetence in defending the Palestinian people.