In memoriam

Feiga Korn

September 2014 marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Feiga Butterman Fleiszer Korn.

Jakob and Feiga Korn

She was born Feiga Butterman on Sept. 8, 1864, in Szczepanowice, a tiny shtetl in Tarnów County, in Galicia, Austria-Hungary (now southern Poland). She was the daughter of Kopel and Chaja Butterman of Szczepanowice. Her grandparents included Abraham Leib Butterman and Cypra (Tziporah) (née Butter) (both died in Tarnów in 1889), and her great-grandparents included Abraham Butterman and Fradle (née Drilichow), and Lipe Butter and Feiga (née Drillich). She had two brothers who both died very young: Isaak Butterman (1862-1866), and Aron Butterman (1866-1866).

 Feiga married twice. Her first husband was Salamon Fleiszer of Dabrowa, who died young. Her second husband was Jakob Korn (son of Gerszon ha-Levi Korn and Ruchel) of Borowa. She had 11 children: Jakob Kopel (born 1882), Perl (born 1884), Aaron (born 1886, married Gussie), Isidor (born 1888, married Martha Weiner) and Bezatel (born 1890) Fleiszer; and Rosa (circa 1894-1930), Dora (born 1896, married William (Willie) Blitz), Raphael (Philip) (born 1898, married Sophie Blum), Chaim (Hymie) (born 1900, married Sonia Goldman), Leibisch (Arie) (born around 1902, moved to pre-state Israel) and Fiszel (Fred) (born 1908, married Marsha Hinberg) Korn.

Her grandchildren included Aaron’s daughters: Shirley Fleischer and Pearl Fleischer (married Rabbi Pinchus Krinsky); Isidor’s sons: Ronald (Soli) Fleischer (married Fanny Heller Rubinson) and Erick Fleischer (married Bernice Ciperson and, later, Doris Johnson); Dora’s children: Albert (Albie) Blitz (married Evelyn) and Denise (Dena) Blitz (married Herbert (Rocky) Stone); Philip’s children: Allen Korn (married Goldie Idella (Idie) Wood) and Phoebe Rose Korn (married Samuel Robert Silver); Hymie’s children: Frances Korn (married Arthur (Skip) Ross), Rita Korn (married Warren (Mike) Michelson) and Eugene (Eddie) Korn (married Judy); and Fred’s daughters: Phyllis Korn (married Harry Levin) and Rosa Korn (married Raymond (Ray) Lauzano). Phoebe Silver and Phyllis Levin were named in Feiga’s memory.

 Feiga died on April 3, 1936 (11th day of Nissan). Her husband Jakob wrote to his children in America of his beloved “Feigeleh” (translated from the Yiddish): “She was 72 years old. We lived together for 42 years. Our love light has stopped shining. [or: Our dearest light has been extinguished from us.] My beloved crown has been taken from me. If the beloved, G-d-fearing mother had been given additional life she would have had great pleasure from all of you dear children. A dear, pure soul like this G-d-fearing mother is no longer with us on this earth.”

 Jakob died in the Holocaust around 1942.

 Feiga is lovingly remembered by her great-grandson, Stephen Aaron Silver; his wife, Shoshana; and their children, Samuel Jared “Sammy” Silver and Sophie Jerusha Rose Silver.