U.S. agency reportedly pays Alan Gross $3.2 million in contract settlement

The U.S. Agency for International Development paid Alan Gross $3.2 million as part of a settlement with his employer, Development Alternatives, according to media reports.

The settlement, announced Dec. 23 in a statement by USAID, aimed to resolve claims pending before the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals.

The statement did not name a figure, but media reports, citing a spokesman for the federal agency, put the amount at $3.2 million.

Gross, 65, a Jewish American contractor, was released in December after five years in a Cuban prison. He was arrested in Cuba in 2009 after reportedly helping to set up Internet access for the Jewish community there while working as a contractor for USAID.

In 2012, Gross and his wife, Judy, filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government and Development Alternatives charging that Gross should have been better trained and informed of the risks before going to Cuba. The couple settled in May with Development Alternatives for an undisclosed amount. — jta


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