Passover | Dear Ben & Jerry: Why stop at haroset

A few weeks after Ben & Jerry’s founders indicated that marijuana-infused ice cream may one day join its product line, the company’s kosher-for-Passover haroset flavor has been generating buzz.

Imagine all the ice cream flavor possibilities for Passover. photo | wikimedia commons

In case your memories of last year’s seder are blurred by too many cups of wine, haroset is the fruit-and-nut mixture that symbolizes the mortar Hebrew slaves used when making bricks to construct Egyptian cities.

In making its haroset flavor — which, sadly, is distributed only in Israel — Ben & Jerry’s opted for the Ashkenazi tradition of apples and walnuts, rather than the chunky Sephardic style featuring nuts blended with assorted dried fruits.

Ashkenazi haroset is great, but why stop at one Passover flavor? If we could have 10 plagues, why not 10 ice creams? Here are some Passover flavors we’d like to see:

1. Sephardic Haroset: Think rum raisin, but with lots of spices and other dried fruits like dates and figs.

2. Manischewitz Madness: Sure, it’s not yet legal to put marijuana in the ice cream, but why not this potent and intensely sweet wine? We envision it as a sorbet with a kick that could replace the four cups of wine and double as a palate cleanser.

3. Chocolate-Covered Matzahs and Cream: Think cookies and cream, but crunchier and kosher for Passover.

4. Macaroons and Cream: Ice cream with chunks of macaroon, and the possibility of almost infinite sub-categories of flavors, mixing different types of macaroon with different types of ice cream.

5. Pure Macaroon: Forget the chunks of macaroon and instead just infuse the almond and coconut that form macaroons’ base into the ice cream itself.

6. Fruit Jellies Jamboree: The iconic gooey fruity candies mixed into vanilla ice cream or fruit sorbet offers a nice mix of textures.

7. Rocky Road out of Egypt: Wouldn’t those 40 years in the desert have been nicer with this confection of chocolate ice cream mixed with kosher marshmallows and nuts?

8. Red Sea: You won’t want to part with this red-velvet rich chocolate.

9. Tsimmes: Sweet-potato base with chunks of dried fruit. If you don’t think a tuber can go in ice cream, remember that pumpkin pie is a popular ice cream flavor and sweet potato pie tastes a little like pumpkin pie. So why not?

10. Dayenu: All (or maybe just some) of the above flavors combined into one more-than-satisfying flavor.

Note to Ben & Jerry’s: Passover is not the only Jewish holiday. When you finish with the Pesach line, how about some Rosh Hashanah (apples and honey), Hanukkah (jelly doughnuts and/or gelt, anyone?) and Shavuot (cheesecake) confections?