Daniel Frankenstein and Erielle Reshef are kvelling after welcoming their first-born son, Mayr Reshef Frankenstein, on April 11, 2015. A family bris in the couple’s home in Oklahoma City on April 19 brought Mayr into the covenant of Abraham, surrounded by grandparents Edie Roodman and Eli Reshef (Oklahoma City) and George and Diane Frankenstein (San Francisco), as well as his aunts and uncles Inbal and Toby Frankenstein (San Francisco), Evan Reshef (Oklahoma City), Eitan Reshef (New York) and John and Janie Weiss (St. Louis), and cousins Adam Frankenstein (San Francisco) and Rachel Weiss (St. Louis).

Mayr means “one who shines” in Hebrew. For his parents and family, he has already added abundant light and love.