Palestinian unity government resigns

The Hamas-Fatah unity government has resigned and the Palestinian Authority’s prime minister has been asked to form a new Palestinian government.

Resignation letters were given to PA President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah on June 17, the French news agency AFP reported. The possible collapse of the 14-month-old-government was signaled on June 16, despite PA denials.

Abbas received the resignations from the Palestinian Authority’s prime minister, Rami Hamdallah, then asked Hamdallah to form a new government, AFP reported, citing Nimr Hammad, a close Abbas aide.

The Palestinian unity agreement was signed in April 2014.

Hammad reportedly said Hamas would be included in consultations to form a new government. Hamas was said to be opposed to the dissolution of the government and said it was not consulted by Fatah, Abbas’ party, before the resignations were submitted.

The announcement comes amid reports of indirect talks between Hamas and Israel to reach a long-term truce in the wake of last summer’s Gaza conflict. Arab and European countries are said to have mediated the talks. — jta


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