New kids web series for the High Holy Days

The S.F.-based Jewish nonprofit BimBam has released new episodes of its animated children’s web series “Shaboom!” for the High Holy Days.

The latest one, “Really, Really Sorry — Saying I’m Sorry (Slicha),” premieres Wednesday, Oct. 5 at

“Sorry” is one of five created by the nonprofit formerly known as G-dcast.

Four “Shaboom!” episodes went online in September and are available for viewing. They include: “Waste Not — Taking Care of Nature/Bal Taschit,” “Hero Heart — Courage of the Heart/Ometz Lev,” “Get Along, Gang — Peace in the Home/Shalom Bayit,” and “Finders, Returners — Returning Lost Objects/Hashavat Aveidah.”

BimBam teamed up with Sesame Workshop, Amazon Studios, Electronic Arts and Pixar to create the episodes, all of which tackle core Jewish values and make them understandable to preschoolers.

“Shaboom!” combines elements of children’s television with wisdom from the Jewish tradition to teach values. It is produced by BimBam founder Sarah Lefton.