they stand outside with a banner that says "South Africans reject Apartheid Week"
Yoloanda Makhasi (left) and Klaas Mokgomole with their pro-Israel banner during a visit to UC Berkeley (Courtesy/StandWithUs)

These South Africans are bringing a pro-Israel message to college campuses

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Two South Africans recently completed a West Coast tour of U.S. college campuses to deliver a message: Israel is not an “apartheid state.”

Yolanda Makhasi and Klaas Mokgomole were anti-Israel activists as college students in South Africa and visited Israel courtesy of Africans for Peace, an organization that seeks to be “a force for independent civic dialogue and conflict resolution.”

This was their second year touring U.S. campuses on both coasts, where they met with students, including anti-Israeli activists, and appeared at campuswide events. On the West Coast they visited UC Davis, UC Berkeley, Stanford University and the University of Washington.

“Most American college students are not aware of what true apartheid is and easily succumb to the BDS interpretation,” said Mokgomole. “They don’t realize they are being lied to. We’re here to stop this.”