the jcc as seen from the street
Levy Family Campus in Los Gatos. (Screenshot/Google Maps)

Power outage closes Silicon Valley JCC

The Addison-Penzak JCC of Silicon Valley lost power during unexpected high winds last night and had to keep its doors shut today. “The wind storm last night knocked out two transformers in our area,” said CEO Nate Stein.

That means the preschool is closed, along with all of the other services the center provides. Staff members have been posted at the doors of the Los Gatos facility to let people know the JCC is closed.

Stein said PG&E expects the power to be back on later today and for the center to open normally tomorrow. Power is also out in many locations around San Jose and in cities to the south, affecting thousands of residents.

After discovery of the power outage, the JCC sent out alerts by email and text to inform members and assure them it was an act of nature, not any kind of malicious interference. “We don’t want anyone to jump to any conclusions,” Stein said.