Richmond Museum of History
Richmond Museum of History

Museum seeks info for 2018 exhibit on Jews of Contra Costa

Planning to focus on Jews in Contra Costa County late next year, the Richmond Museum of History has announced that it is soliciting community contributions of stories for the exhibit.

The planned November 2018 exhibition, which will include speakers, curated displays and community education activities, will be part of the museum’s “Know Your Community” series and will include tales of miners, suffragettes, war veterans, Holocaust survivors, artists and business leaders.

“We are very excited to have uncovered some extraordinary stories going all the way back to the pioneers,” museum director Melinda McCrary said. “The exhibit will highlight the history and contributions of the local Jewish community from the Gold Rush to the present.”

The exhibit also will share the museum’s findings from its participation in the “History Unfolded Project,” which is being sponsored by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. The project has been asking students, teachers and history buffs to look through archives to see how the Holocaust was covered in U.S. newspapers; as of Dec. 11, according to the USHMM, more than 2,100 participants from across the country had submitted nearly 14,000 articles from local newspapers.

People who know about aspects of Jewish history in Contra Costa County and, specifically, in the city of Richmond are encouraged to contact the museum at (510) 235-7387 or [email protected].