These fliers were found at UC Berkeley and UC Davis as well as at Vassar College in New York. (Photo/StandWithUs)
These fliers were found at UC Berkeley and UC Davis as well as at Vassar College in New York, Oct. 2018. (Photo/StandWithUs)

UC Berkeley chancellor condemns anti-Semitic fliers found on campus

In response to anti-Semitic fliers that were found around UC Berkeley, Chancellor Carol Christ yesterday issued a statement blasting the “disturbing, disgusting” posters and urging the Cal community to stand together in “condemnation of this and all hateful ideologies.”

The fliers, which also were posted at UC Davis and Vassar College in New York, blame Jews for the sexual assault allegations against newly sworn-in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, with an image of Kavanaugh surrounded by Jewish members of the Senate with Stars of David drawn on their foreheads. Also featured is Jewish billionaire George Soros, who has been accused of funding opposition to Kavanaugh.

“Every time some Anti-White, Anti-American, Anti-freedom event takes place, you look at it, and it’s Jews behind it,” read the fliers, discovered on Oct. 8. Responsibility was attributed to “your local Stormer book club,” the same attribution that appeared on anti-Semitic fliers found at five East Bay synagogues in late August. According to the ADL, the Daily Stormer Book Club chapters, or SBCs, are “small crews of young white men who follow and support Andrew Anglin and his neo-Nazi website, the Daily Stormer.”

In her statement, Christ noted the text of the fliers echoed “a common, classic refrain perpetrated by those who see our Jewish friends, colleagues and fellow citizens as the root of all evil. There is little if any difference between this demonizing rhetoric and that used by the Nazis in the lead up to, and during the course of the Holocaust.”

She said the UC Berkeley administration and campus community “abhor and condemn anti-Semitic words and deeds on this campus and beyond. UC Berkeley unequivocally supports the University of California Regents’ ‘Principles Against Intolerance,’ which clearly condemn bias, hatred, prejudice and discrimination. We also adhere to and strongly support this specific statement in the Principles; “Anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination have no place in the University.”

Christ asked that anyone with information about the incident contact the campus police at (510) 642-6760