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State Sen. Scott Wiener speaks at the Families Belong Together rally in San Francisco, June 23, 2018. (Photo/Wikimedia Commons)

Sen. Scott Wiener targeted by online ‘QAnon’ conspiracy theorists

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Scott Wiener, a gay, Jewish state senator from San Francisco, has been inundated with antisemitic and homophobic threats this week from online conspiracy theorists, related to a bill he’s sponsoring on sex offenders.

He posted about it on Twitter on Thursday, saying that the internet conspiracy group QAnon, a loose network of anti-vaccination, President Trump-supporting followers of a mysterious online persona named “Q,” has been berating him with online attacks, including death threats.

Wiener posted screenshots of messages sent to him threatening “I’m gonna kill you,” calling him a “pedo f*ggot,” and saying “we need to end jewish zionism and jewish interference in white countries,” and “we’re watching you Schlomo.”

“I have thick skin, but this has been scary, particularly with the assassination of a federal judge’s son last week,” Wiener wrote on Twitter, referring to the targeting of a New Jersey judge and the murder of her son by an anti-feminist “men’s rights lawyer” last month. “There is so much misinformation about SB 145 & it’s hard to track where it starts. Those who think homophobia & antisemitism are over are not paying attention.”

SB 145, which has the support of many LGBTQ groups, would change a California law to give judges more leeway in cases of consensual gay sex with a minor. Currently the adult is automatically put onto the sex offender registry. The change is meant to give parity to the law so that judges have decision-making discretion regardless of whether the sex is homosexual or heterosexual.

Wiener says the current law “disproportionately targets LGBT young people for mandatory sex offender registration.”

A report in Mother Jones said Wiener had received “thousands” of messages targeting him since Friday, mostly through Instagram.

This is the second time this summer Wiener has been the subject of offensive attacks.

In late June, the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California apologized for a controversial ad that showed Wiener clutching Monopoly money and accusing him of “selling out” to developers. The S.F.-based Jewish Community Relations Council called the ad “cringeworthy.”

Gabe Stutman
Gabe Stutman

Gabe Stutman is the news editor of J. Follow him on Twitter @jnewsgabe.