Readers’ Choice 2021: Jewish Restaurant

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Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen

(415) 487-3354  •

Wise Sons has opened its latest location in Tokyo,  bringing its world-class taste to another part of the world, so others don’t have to be jealous of the amazing deli that we have in San Francisco. With closer-than-Japan locations all over the Bay Area and delivery as far away as Walnut Creek, Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen serves a menu right from the deli hit parade, including pastrami on rye, bagel and smoked salmon, potato latkes, plus new favorites.


(628) 444-3666  •

Soupchik (341) 766-0798
Hummus Bodega (415) 874-1148

Frena Bakery, ever-popular with J. readers, sang its swan song this Hanukkah, baking their last batch of sufganiyot under that name.  The Covid era has spawned many changes and Frena is among them.  The bakery, known and loved for its delicious Persian/Mideastern fare, will be morphing into a three-in-one kosher hub, its own “food court” on Sixth Street. The location will house Hummus Bodega with Israeli-style hummus, Soupchik with freshly made rotating soup and Pizza Pagaia, with kosher pizza, calzone and Shabbos challah. Frena’s co-founder Yosef and partners will still be at the helm.  A second location at Geary will host the same group sans Pizza Pagaia.



Saul’s Restaurant and Delicatessen

(510) 848-3354 •

Saul’s Deli is a cherished landmark in Berkeley and it’s only fitting that it be recognized for J.’s Readers’ Choice. Located in the famous Gourmet Ghetto of Berkeley, Saul’s is the “go to” many locals choose for holidays, whether for their Passover seder, Rosh Hashanah dinner or Hanukkah celebration. All the classic delicatessen faves plus some interesting additions like Mujadara (a Middle Eastern lentils and rice dish) and Cairo Style Pistachio Baklava.



Izzy‘s Brooklyn Bagels

(650) 329-0700 •

A J. Readers’ Choice winner for its bagels, Izzy’s Brooklyn Bagels is also a favorite Jewish restaurant for its delicious deli offerings, some of which make it onto those glorious bagels! The store in Palo Alto is open seven days a week to supply fresh, tasty bagels, along with spreads and other fixins. With wild lox, salads, pizza, burritos, wraps, cookies and prepared platters along with lots of other food, Izzy’s is pretty close to a one-stop shop to make everyone in the family happy. Under the supervision of the Vaad of Northern California.



Grossman’s Noshery and Bar

(707) 595-7707 •

A first timer for J.’s Readers’ Choice award, Grossman’s is rapidly become a favorite destination for lots of Sonoma County residents who were yearning for authentic deli food.Owned by Stark Reality Restaurants, known for their inventive menus in all of their restaurants, with no two alike (hardly a chain, more like a dynasty). Provides all the traditional faves of a good deli, but with some twists and innovation. Two of the more interesting dishes at Grossman’s: are Veal and Shitake Pelmeni and Potato Vareniki, both under the dumplings menu category. Located in historic Railroad Square in Santa Rosa.

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