Students thought to be from Wheatland High School seen covered in Nazi symbols (Photo/Courtesy ADL)
Students thought to be from Wheatland High School seen covered in Nazi symbols (Photo/Courtesy ADL)

Sacramento-area students post photos of themselves covered in swastikas

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A photo of students covered in swastikas, apparently from a Sacramento-area high school, is circulating on social media, concerning parents and Jewish organizations.

The photo was reported to the Anti-Defamation League, according to ADL regional director Seth Brysk. The young people pictured are thought to be students of Wheatland High School, which is located in the town of Wheatland, north of Sacramento and close to Yuba City.

The photo shows eight students, both male and female, who have drawn swastikas and SS symbols on their torsos and limbs.

In a statement, Nicole Newman, superintendent of the Wheatland Union High School District, said that the district is investigating “multiple social media posts made by students of our school. Because this matter is under investigation, we cannot comment on it in a detailed way.”

According to Brysk, ADL has offered resources to the school district.

In an ABC-10 news report, an anonymous parent said his student was unsatisfied with how the school had previously treated racially charged incidents. “She did mention that nothing is being done,” the parent said. “She’s tired of these same exact people getting away with things like this, so it kind of adds to the frustration.”

Wheatland has a population of around 3,700, of which 2,500 are white, according to U.S. census data.

The incident follows several antisemitic actions at Northern California high schools. In April of this year, Alameda High School reported antisemitic posts by students on social media, as did Marin schools a year ago. In October of 2020, a grand jury released a report on antisemitism in public schools in San Mateo.