D’li the water bucket, AKA Aquarius, the sign of the Jewish people, in a 1322 German prayerbook.
D’li the water bucket, AKA Aquarius, the sign of the Jewish people, in a 1322 German prayerbook.

Jewish horoscopes for the New Year: Change is coming!

Shevat 5782

Jan. 3-Jan. 31, 2022

Shevat is the month of Aquarius — known in Hebrew Astrology as D’li, the Water Bucket, the astrological sign of the Jewish people. The B’nei Yissachar, a 19th-century hasidic text, reminds us that as the bucket serves water, so the Jewish people serve Torah. “The Torah has 70 faces,” says Midrash Rabba — and one of them is yours. Your personal uniqueness is highlighted this month. For you the whole world was created, and you are but dust and ashes; between these two extremes is the spectrum of life. The month of Shevat comes to tip the scale towards the positive.

The month begins Jan. 3 with the moon and Jupiter/Tzedek in Aquarius, square the Lunar Nodes in Gemini/T’omim and Sagittarius/Keshet. This is the official send-off of the 19-month nodal transit, which has either strengthened our integrity around communications and truth-telling, or so badly fractured it that nothing and no one can be trusted.

The sun conjunct Pluto Jan. 16 is ego vs. raw power and may have a bloody aftermath. The full Cancer/Sartan moon on Tu Bishevat Jan. 17 during a Shmita year demands personal accountability around care of Mother Earth. Jan. 18 is a highly choreographed cosmic dance with many players: Venus/Noga conjuncts the sun, the Lunar Nodes shift to Taurus/Shor and Scorpio/Akrav (through mid-July 2023), Uranus/Oron station direct, and Mercury/Kochav retrograde sextile Chiron, the Wounded Healer. The vitality of sudden change is palpable.

Venus, retrograde in Capricorn/Gidi during most of Shevat, stations direct Jan. 29. This long transit has given us the luxury of knowing what we value and why. Attention turns to individual vs. collective responsibility. No one can now deny we’re all in this together. Surprising change is possible with the sun square Uranus Jan. 30 — and if that change supports the revelation of your most authentic self, all the better. Serve up your own unique Torah to this thirsty world!

Aries / Taleh

When confronted by the immense power of Joseph, unrecognizable as the prime minister of Egypt, tribal leader Judah used spiritual tactics to save his family. Like Judah, you can elevate fear and danger by perceiving the higher potentialities when Mars/Ma’adim in Sagittarius/Keshet squares Neptune/Rahav in Pisces/Dagim Jan. 11. You’re seeing past the illusion to the heart of the matter. First quarter moon in Aries Jan. 9 brings fresh courage and inner resolve. Practical matters require your devotion; your energy is persistent and steady when Mars enters responsible, diligent Capricorn/Gidi Jan. 24. Hard work never scares you. Immerse yourself.

Taurus / Shor

With the square of Saturn/Shabbatai to your sun and transiting Uranus/Oron in Taurus over the last year, life has been anything but restful. A staycation from pressure when Venus/Noga sextiles Neptune/Rahav Jan. 5 is in order. The lunar nodal axis moves into Taurus and Scorpio/Akrav Jan. 18, where it will be through mid-July 2023. A sense of destiny begins to engulf you, but remember the wisdom of Tribal leader Issachar, whose spiritual gift was the discernment of times and seasons. Can you recognize the season of life you’re currently in? Venus stations direct in Capricorn/Gidi Jan. 29. Take practical steps forward.

Gemini / T’omim

On Jan. 18, the lunar nodal axis is leaving Gemini/T’omim and Sagittarius/Keshet, where it’s been transiting since early May 2020. Your lesson has been about communicating with integrity and discernment. Mercury/Kochav enters Aquarius/D’li Jan. 2, aiming for higher ideals. Mercury retrograde Jan. 14 regresses back into Capricorn/Gidi Jan. 25, testing the viability of foundations and infrastructures you’ve laid. Security around your personal technology becomes important. Retrograde Mercury conjuncts Pluto Jan. 28, an echo of the first direct conjunction Dec. 30. It’s possible to resurrect something you thought was blown up or blown away at the last encounter. Use your power wisely.

Cancer / Sartan

Rosh Chodesh Shevat’s Aquarius/D’li moon Jan. 3 broadens the meaning of brotherly love. You are indeed your brother’s keeper. Be bold to protect the vulnerable at the first quarter moon in Aries/Taleh Jan. 9. The full moon in Cancer Jan. 17 is your annual personal full moon; all your best qualities – compassion, sensitivity, humor, empathy, nurturing, protectiveness, family pride — are at their peak. Still waters run deep Jan. 25 at the last quarter moon in Scorpio/Akrav. As tribal leader Reuben learned the hard way, a rational plan is preferable to a rash emotional response. Don’t hold a grudge.

Leo / Aryeh

Your shadow side seeks healing during the month Shevat. The sun conjuncts retrograde Venus/Noga Jan. 8, a chance to repair a misaligned mind-body connection. Ego issues around power — yours or that of others — are intensely triggered Jan. 16 at the sun-Pluto conjunction. Sun enters Aquarius/D’li Jan. 19 and conjuncts Mercury/Kochav retrograde Jan. 23. Taking the high road is your best option, especially when others gall you with their boorish behavior. Insights into childhood wounds appear at the sun’s sextile to Wounded Healer Chiron Jan. 28. Diplomacy is always better than brute force when sun squares Uranus/Oron Jan. 30. Mediate peace.

Virgo / Betulah

Mercury/Kochav retrograde in Aquarius/D’li Jan. 14 regresses back into Capricorn/Gidi Jan. 25. Your emotional health affects your physical health. Retrograde Mercury conjuncts Pluto Jan. 28, echoing their direct conjunction Dec. 30. Significant events concerning romantic love and creativity are resurrected. Mercury sextiles Wounded Healer Chiron direct Jan. 9 and retrograde Jan. 18. Your words are powerful enough to wound or heal; your praise builds up and critique delivered without loving kindness can tear down. Be aware that the edges of other people’s vulnerabilities may not resemble your own. Summon tribal leader Gad’s troops to guard against preconceived notions and unverified assumptions.

Libra / Moznayim

Venus/Noga continues her journey retrograde through practical, pragmatic Capricorn/Gidi during the month of Shevat. Issues of home and family remain paramount, including infrastructure improvements and remodeling. Seeking solutions for long-term sustainability and security for yourself and for those to whom you owe responsibility require much of your energy and focus. Ideas come with the future in mind at the sextile of Venus and Neptune/Rahav Jan. 5. Full moon in Cancer/Sartan Jan. 17 brings public recognition. Venus direct Jan. 29 revs your engines; you really know what you want, and you’re ready to reap what you’ve sown. Investments in devotion pay off.

Scorpio / Akrav

The past reappears in a different guise over the next 19 months as the lunar nodal axis moves into Taurus/Shor and Scorpio, revisiting seeds you’ve already sown, searching for fruit. How have you grown? Mars/Ma’adim squares Neptune/Rahav Jan. 11, putting that obscure object of desire just beyond reach. Power plays and ego trips are all the rage when the sun conjuncts Pluto Jan. 16. Do you play to win at any cost? Mars enters Capricorn/Gidi Jan. 24, followed by the last quarter moon in Scorpio Jan. 25. You loathe superficial banalities. Mercury/Kochav retrograde conjuncts Pluto Jan. 28; sheath your tongue’s deadly stinger!

Sagittarius / Keshet

Jupiter/Tzedek in Pisces/Dagim through mid-May enhances compassion for the vulnerable, giving both grace and bounty to share your energy and resources with those in need. Jupiter’s square to the lunar nodal axis Jan. 3 is the parting shot of the Gemini/T’omim-Sagittarius transit of the last 19 months, leaving behind a remodeled relationship to your own personal sovereignty as well as how you conceptualize a true partner — and what that might look like in real life. You can have it all, just not all at the same time. Recognize what time it is in your life now.

Capricorn / Gidi

Mars/Ma’adim in Sagittarius/Keshet during most of Shevat focuses your energy inward, examining your personal freedom. To what extent do you feel constrained by commitments and responsibilities? Independence matters; when Mars enters Capricorn Jan. 24, you’ll be ready to work even harder to achieve your goals. The Pluto-sun conjunction in Capricorn Jan. 16 followed by the full moon in Cancer/Sartan Jan. 17 may be the beginning of the end of a relationship where the power imbalance is untenable for healthy ego needs. Planetary ruler Saturn/Shabbatai in Aquarius/D’li through March 2023 keeps you focused on building a sustainable, secure future.

Aquarius / D’li

Modern planetary ruler Uranus/Oron stations direct in Taurus/Shor Jan. 18; a good deal of lethargy will be gladly shaken off and you’ll begin to feel the sap beginning to flow as the sun enters Aquarius Jan. 19. Classical planetary ruler Saturn/Shabbatai in Aquarius through March 2023 continues his job of insisting that your unique inspiration result in material manifestation. Trust the process and don’t look for shortcuts. The fundamental tension between tradition and evolution gets intense when the sun squares Uranus Jan. 30. Seek peace and joyfully pursue it.

Pisces / Dagim

Jupiter/Tzedek in Pisces through mid-May and a double Adar leap year makes this your stellar season! Jupiter squares the Lunar Nodes Jan. 3, a mutable sign mashup issuing one last call to the universe, crying: “All things must pass!” Flexibility in the face of shifting circumstances is not the same thing as moral malleability. Venus/Noga trines Neptune/Rahav in an enchanted dance Jan. 5; is it real or just your imagination? Sun sextiles Neptune Jan. 10 and Mars/Ma’adim squares Neptune Jan. 11. Identify impediments to manifesting your reality and plan to overcome them, one by one. Successful dreamers swim upstream.

Lorelai Kude
Lorelai Kude

Lorelai Kude began her career as a professional astrologer in the 1980s. She holds a BA in Journalism from San Francisco State University and a MA in Jewish Studies from Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union, where her thesis topic was astrology in Jewish cultural history. Find more of her work at astrolojew.com.