Readers’ Choice 2022: Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Gabriel M. Kind

(415) 565-6884  •
We share the recognition of Dr. Kind’s work with San Francisco and Marin magazines, which have named him top doctor numerous times. Dr. Kind has long had an interest in microsurgical breast reconstruction, and he was among the first surgeons to perform the DIEP flap for breast reconstruction on the West Coast. His expertise extends into all types of plastic surgery.



Dr. Elliott B. Lavey

(925) 820-3633  •
A J. Readers’ Choice once again, Dr. Lavey has specialized in cosmetic plastic surgery for 34 years. “I am passionate about using my artistic sense and surgical skills to enhance my patients’ bodies,” he says. Dr. Lavey has developed some innovative surgical techniques to provide the most effective surgical procedures and technologies for patients.



Dr. Lorne Rosenfield 

(650) 692-0467  •
Cosmetic surgery, body contouring and aesthetic skin services all are available through Dr. Rosenfield, new this year to Readers’ Choice. His goal with cosmetic surgery “is to create a result that is, in fact, ‘invisible.’ He is passionate about you looking rejuvenated and natural, not ‘done,’ and  people should notice without ‘knowing!’”



Dr. Eitan Homa

(707) 762-5531  •
Dr. Eitan Homa, new to Readers’ Choice, has practiced dermatology since 1995 and co-founded Dermatology Associates in 1998 to create a community dermatology practice with the rigor and high standards of a university teaching hospital. Dr. Homa performs facial reconstruction in conjunction with Mohs surgery, repairs torn earlobes and does scar revisions.  

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