Gidi (aka Capricorn) as drawn in a 1322 German Shavuot prayer book
Gidi (aka Capricorn) as drawn in a 1322 German Shavuot prayer book

Horoscopes for the month of Tevet: People get ready, there’s a change a-comin’.

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Tevet 5783

Dec. 24, 2022-Jan. 22, 2023

Our sages understood the cycles of the two great planets — Jupiter/Tzedek, ruler of the month of Kislev, which is now ending, and Saturn/Shabbtai, ruler of the month of Tevet, just now beginning — to represent a particular age or epoch. As Hanukkah bridges Kislev and Tevet, these planets represent the gap between what’s passing away and what is being born. Long ago, Hanukkah’s historical and political backstory was rewritten by rabbinic Judaism’s reframing of the events in miraculous terms; in years to come shall we see the nitty-gritty of our current historical/political struggle remembered as an age of Divine intervention?

Retrograde Mercury/Kochav in Capricorn/Gidi from Dec. 29 through Jan. 18 wants us to think soberly and pragmatically about our choices. Because the tikkun (repairing power) of the month of Tevet is anger, this month we “fix” that attribute by aligning what’s real with what’s ideal. The gap in between is what causes the pain! Venus/Noga enters Aquarius/D’li Jan. 2, recalling long-held ideals which may have been sacrificed over the last few years for the sake of practical expediency, if not actual survival. Solution? Release grief at the Full Moon in Cancer/Sartan Jan. 6. Lighten up with lunacy and healing laughter.

Relief from confusion over competing priorities subsides when retrograde Mars/Ma’adim in Gemini stations direct Jan. 12. If you have managed to speak truth to power, power has something to say to you when the Sun conjuncts Pluto Jan. 18.

The Sun enters Aquarius Jan. 20, followed by the New Moon in Aquarius Jan. 21. Uranus/Oron stations direct Jan. 22, and Venus conjuncts Saturn. O brave new world, are you ready for a unique, original and entirely revolutionary approach to the future? People, get ready, there’s a change a-comin’.

Aries / Taleh

Tevet’s tikkun (repairing power) is anger — and Mars/Ma’adim, your planetary ruler, is prone to anger unless all that energy is directed toward a righteous goal, such as the courageous defense of the weak and helpless. Your opportunity to demonstrate wisdom and self-control rather than petulant rage comes at the First Quarter Moon in Aries Dec. 29. Proving your maturity to those who are influential brings community acclaim when Venus/Noga in Aquarius/D’li trines retrograde Mars in Gemini Jan. 9. Mars finally stations direct on Jan. 12, clearing the way for clarity and doing away with double-mindedness.

Taurus / Shor

Between the square from Saturn/Shabbtai in Aquarius/D’li since 2021 and the Lunar Nodal Axis in Taurus/Scorpio since mid-Jan. 2022, the pressure to undergo profound change has been unrelenting. A surprisingly easy way to find more flow appears when retrograde Mercury/Kochav conjuncts Venus/Noga in Capricorn/Gidi Dec. 29. Venus enters Aquarius Jan. 2 and sextiles Jupiter/Tzedek Jan. 4. Lean in to all the help and support being offered. The learning curve finally straightens out at the conjunction of Venus and Saturn Jan. 22 . May the road rise up to meet you.

Gemini / T’omim

With Mercury/Kochav in Capricorn/Gidi stationing retrograde Dec. 29, and Mars/Ma’adim still in retrograde Gemini through Jan. 12, your biggest danger is promising much more than you can deliver, especially to those with whom you share values, resources and responsibilities. Anger, the tikkun (repairing power) of Tevet, in the form of righteous indignation, is best aimed at unreasonable and abusive expectations. The Sun conjuncts Mercury, and Mercury trines Uranus/Oron Jan. 7-8, revealing an honest and honorable, if not entirely original, way around a complicated situation. Mercury stations direct Jan. 18, gathering all that has been scattered and filling in the blanks.

Cancer / Sartan

This Saturn/Shabbtai-ruled month gifts you with workable systems with which to redirect negative energy into positive pathways.  Tevet’s tikkun (repairing power) of anger is tested at the First Quarter Moon in Aries Dec. 29, especially around perceived slights to your professional reputation. Are you “loony” during the Full Moon in Cancer Jan. 6 — or are you just letting your inner iconoclast shine through? Harmonious family relations are the priority at the Last Quarter Moon in Libra/Moznayim Jan. 14. New Moon in Aquarius/D’li Jan. 21 deepens intimate friendships.

Leo / Aryeh

Tevet’s tikkun (repairing power) of anger couldn’t come at a better time. You’re ready to release destructive emotions in the service of healing your own mind-body connection when the Sun squares Chiron Jan. 2. A vision of your own potential shines brightly Jan. 5 at the trine of the Sun to Neptune/Rahav. Truth-telling begins with yourself! It’s time for sober self-assessment Jan. 7 when the Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury/Kochav. The Sun sextiles Neptune Jan. 13 and conjuncts Pluto Jan. 18, before entering Aquarius/D’li Jan. 20. Practical support for your ambitious plans comes from powerful players aligned with your personal values.

Virgo / Betulah

Retrograde Mercury/Kochav from Dec. 29-Jan. 18 is your chance to make a tikkun (repair) on anger toward spiritual isolation. Whether religious authoritarianism repels you or chaotic expression scares you, your desire to share the rituals and rhythms of faith may feel blocked. Now is a chance to pivot towards community and connection. Retrograde Mercury sextiles Neptune/Rahav Jan. 1, revealing a previously hidden tender and sensitive side. The Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury Jan. 7, and Mercury trines Uranus/Oron Jan. 8. A sudden revelation exposes the root of your fears. Find welcome and healing when retrograde Mercury squares Chiron Jan. 11.

Libra / Moznayim

Tevet’s tikkun (repairing power) of anger dissolves into forgiveness when Venus/Noga sextiles Neptune/Rahav Dec. 28. Know those who loved you were themselves wounded, imperfect people doing the best they could under the circumstances. Healing words of acceptance smooth the way when retrograde Mercury/Kochav conjuncts Venus Dec. 29. Your creative juices flow when Venus enters Aquarius/D’li Jan. 2 and sextiles Jupiter/Tzedek Jan. 4. Original ideas abound at the square of Venus to Uranus/Oron Jan. 14, the Last Quarter Moon in Libra. Prepare your best elevator speech for Jan. 22’s conjunction of Venus to Saturn/Shabbtai. If you pitch it, they will catch!

Scorpio / Akrav

Scorpio’s legendary ice-cold anger is far more chilling than mere rage. Tevet’s tikkun (repairing power) of anger is tested in the realms of communication, and your challenge is to appropriately modulate your anger and express it in healthy, productive ways. The trine of Venus/Noga in Aquarius/D’li to retrograde Mars/Ma’adim in Gemini/T’omim Jan. 9 supports consciously choosing diplomacy over power games. Retrograde Mars stations direct Jan. 12 and feelings of palpable relief arise. You begin to feel like you’re back on track. Picking up momentum when the Sun conjuncts Pluto Jan. 18, you’re feeling powerful, positive, and ready to share the love.

Sagittarius / Keshet

With planetary ruler Jupiter/Tzedek in Aries, your bravery quotient rises dramatically. You’ll need courage when Tevet’s tikkun (repairing power) of anger is focused on your material world. Don’t envy what belongs to others. Your expectations have always been tied to your internal optimism and “luck”; few seem to notice how hard you work to cooperate with the good fortune which befalls you. Strengthen your faith in yourself when Venus/Noga sextiles Jupiter Jan. 4. While others tie their sense of security to bank balances and real estate holdings, your treasures now and always have been bestowed by a beneficent, loving grace.

Capricorn / Gidi

Tevet is your month and the tikkun (repairing power) of anger is your challenge, but this year you show up so well prepared that those who would provoke you would rather turn and run. The New Moon in Capricorn/Gidi Dec. 23 births a new/old/new you — all the dross of fearful hesitancy and doubt has been burned away over the last three years of living inside the crucible. Reveal your powerful, loving, and protective nature when Venus/Noga conjuncts Saturn/Shabbtai on Jan. 22. This isn’t your first time at the rodeo; you came to slay, not play!

Aquarius / D’li

You’re so ready for a big blast of creativity when Venus/Noga enters Aquarius Jan. 2. Though Tevet’s tikkun (repairing power) of anger plays out in the realm of confronting unhealthy ancestral patterns, you’re breaking generational curses with the trine of retrograde Mercury/Kochav to Uranus/Oron Jan. 8. Truth-telling is the antidote to toxic secret-keeping! Put a positive spin on surprising discoveries when Venus squares Uranus Jan. 14. The Sun enters Aquarius Jan. 20, and the New Moon in Aquarius Jan. 21 facilitates alignment and flow. Uranus stations direct Jan. 22 and you’re equipped to face whatever comes next with originality, idealism and hope.

Pisces / Dagim

Tevet’s tikkun (repairing power) of anger is something you’re deeply uncomfortable about confronting. Passive-aggressiveness is more your style than direct confrontation. Because you truly care about the feelings of others, you seek to speak constructive words of truth in an uplifting way when Mercury/Kochav sextiles Neptune/Rahav Dec. 24. You’re rewarded with an inspiring vision when Venus/Noga sextiles Neptune Dec. 28. Don’t buy back what you’ve already sold when retrograde Mercury repeats his sextile to Neptune Jan. 1! Be clear about your boundaries and you’ll have plenty of room for emotional and spiritual intimacy when the Sun trines Neptune Jan. 5.

Lorelai Kude
Lorelai Kude

Lorelai Kude began her career as a professional astrologer in the 1980s. She holds a BA in Journalism from San Francisco State University and a MA in Jewish Studies from Berkeley’s Graduate Theological Union, where her thesis topic was astrology in Jewish cultural history. Find more of her work at